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Prediction League

How To Play

You'll score points if you predict a correct result or a correct score and be deducted five points for every match in which you get the result wrong.

You'll score 50% more points for correctly predicting an away win or a draw than a home win because home wins happen more commonly.

Goal difference deductions - If you get the result correct, but not the score, we'll deduct 1 point per goal for the difference between what you predicted for the home team and their actual score AND 1 point per goal for the difference between what you predicted for the away team and their actual score.

You have 38 Jokers to play during the course of the season and can play one on any match you choose. Your score will be multipled x3 for any match on which you play a Joker. This not only means that if you get it right you can win 3 times as many points as if you would have without the Joker, but also that if you get it wrong you'll be deducted 3 times as many points.

On the right of this page there is also a Prediction League Points Calculator which you can use to check any points calculation that you're unsure of.

The table below shows a summary of the points you'll score for correct home wins, away wins and draws, points deductions and with/without Jokers...


How To Enter Predictions

Enter your predictions into the Premier League Fixtures page and choose whether you want to play a Joker on any of the week's matches.

You can change your prediction as many times as you like before a match starts.


fixtures page example

Win A Share Of The Prize Pool

This season's minimum prize pool is £2.400 and will increase by £12/player from the 201st player to join onwards (split 75/%/25/% between end of season and monthly prizes)

Create Your Player Profile

To join The Prediction League, just click JOIN, give us enough information to confirm you're over 18, pay the buy-in and you're in the game!