About The Goal Machine

The History Of The Prediction League

The Goal Machine began as a prediction league played by just six friends to add a bit of extra spice to predicting Premier League scores. It started back in 2003 using spreadsheets and email and was played for 9 seasons before, in 2012, The Goal Machine was launched.

The first season of The Prediction League was enjoyed by 81 players who competed for a prize pool of £972. In 2013/14 the minimum prize pool will be £2,400, equivalent to 200 players buying in, and will increase from the 201st player to register onwards.

Our Newest Football Prediction Games

At The Goal Machine we're always looking for innovative ways to add a bit of extra spice to the Premier League season. That's why, in the spring of 2013, we launched two more prediction games; Correct Score Killer and Survivor. 

Unlike the Prediction League, these games have been designed to be played several times over the course of a Premier League season. Survivor lasts a maximum of 10 rounds and sometimes games lasting fewer rounds than that will be held. Correct Score Killer lasts for as long as players keep hitting their correct score predictions.

We'll also be launching more score prediction games over the coming seasons because we're constantly looking for ways to add to the excitement our players experience in every Premier League season. 

Our Philosophy

The Goal Machine's football prediction games have been designed by football fans who like a friendly, but competitive, punt on their football and it's exactly those same characteristics that are shared by our players.

We'll always look for ways to increase players' enjoyment and opportunities to win cash prizes and we believe no other comparable game offers the value that we do. All of our prize pools are potentially unlimited and The Prediction League pays out roughly the same proportion of players each season.

That means that no matter who many players register for the Prediction League, the chances of winning will always remain roughly the same. 

Banter plays a key role in the life of most Premier League football supporters and by creating both Mini Leagues and Connections in The Goal Machine, you can keep bang up to date with how your friends are doing. You also can use our Facebook and Twitter pages as a platform to publicise your successes when things go your way and to give your friends some stick when they deserve it!

We are the home of football prediction games!

We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions for us about our games. Please get in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter or email us at TheGoalMachine@footballpredictiongames.com.

Good luck and enjoy the season.


The Goal Machine Team