Prediction League
Prediction League 2013/14
Game Started: 17/08/13
Prize Pool: £ 2400.00
Players: 75
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To join The Prediction League click JOIN, we'll ask for enough information to confirm you're over 18, then you pay the £15 buy-in & you're in the game!

Each week, predict the scores of Premier League fixtures and choose when to play your 38 Jokers.

We are giving away a guaranteed minimum prize pool of £2,400 in end of season and monthly cash prizes and it only costs £15 to play for the whole season.

Every player over 200 players will add £12 to the prize pool so the prize pool's potentially unlimited.

We’ll email you a weekly game report of how everyone is doing so you can keep an eye on the highs and lows over the course of the season. 

Plus, create your own mini leagues to compete with your friends!

Correct Score Killer
Sorry there are currently no games available

In Correct Score Killer you start with 3 lives and have 6 matches in each round to save your life! You gain a life if you hit 3 correct scores in the same round.

Predict the scores of any 6 of the week's matches which will be your Correct Score Killer entries.

To avoid losing a life you just need to hit 1 out of 6 of your correct score predictions. Choose wisely though, because if you lose all your lives, you’re out!

Buy-in is £5.50 via the Game Lobby and the last player eliminated wins the cash.

Keep track of how many lives you and everyone else has remaining in the Correct Score Killer standings table.

Plus each week we'll send you a game report direct to your inbox so you can keep bang up to date.

Sorry there are currently no games available

In Survivor you don't have to worry so much about being a great predictor of correct scores like in Correct Score Killer.

All you have to do is correctly pick 2 teams not to lose their Premier League fixtures each week.

Sound easy? Here's the hard bit - you  can’t choose the same team twice during the same game, so you'll need to choose carefully.

Will you select the more obvious teams first or take a risk early on for an advantage later in the game?

The prize pool will EITHER be shared by any players who survive the final round OR won by the last players to be eliminated if no one survives that long.

Track your progress in the Survivor standings table and in a game report in your inbox after every round.